Warmer days and lighter nights

The weather is typical of recent winters at the moment.  Cold but not too cold, but wet.  I think we have all had enough of the recent storms with high winds and torrential rain.  The waves have been battering the pebbles on Chesil beach, spray soaring on the wind drenching any passing brave souls venturing out.  It’s that time of year when you reach out for any sign of spring or just that the season will change eventually. 

What will be the date when you spot the first snowdrop or primrose of the year?

You can imagine talking a walk along the footpaths at Gorwell and picturing the bright blue winter sky and there, underneath one of the trees, was a clump of beautiful, small white flowers emerging from the cold undergrowth.

Then you can think of warmer days and lighter nights…

About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - St Catherines Chapel
About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - View over fields

The first few months of the year are also the time when you think of long hazy days of summer and want to book your holiday.

Gorwell Farm cottages offer that perfect home from home holiday set in amazing countryside with the Jurassic coastline a few minutes’ drive away.

What better way to drive away those winter blues!

About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - View to cottages

It won’t be long either before the sheep at Gorwell start lambing.  This is one of the best, but busiest, times of the year.

It’s a time of year when new life is all around, dotting the fields with little cotton wool lambs, reflecting the clouds in the sky.

The grandchildren really love bottle feeding any orphan lambs and any children staying in the cottages can also help, this is one of the great benefits of staying in one of our cottages too.

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