Some of the best things in life are free…

Keeping it Simple…

We are very fortunate here at Gorwell that some of the best things in life are free and right on our doorstep! We have open spaces, wonderful walking, amazing views , no light pollution, beautiful wildlife flora and fauna and we like to share it with our guests.

Walk in the meadows and make a daisy chain

How far you want to walk is entirely up to you … a short walk onto the open fields close to the cottages where you can find any number of meadow flowers or a longer walk for an hour or two, a half day or all day. There are so many options that make this a perfect reason that some of the best things in life are free and it is possible to take a different route every day of the week and see something new every time.

Roll down the hills

It’s so easy when some of the best things in life are free and fun too! Walk to the top of one of the hills in our valley and then just roll down to the bottom…. but please wear old clothes and remember not to go into one of the fields which has sheep in .

Fly kites

Dorset and Gorwell are wonderful places for flying kites. We have so few overhead electric cables and so many open spaces at Gorwell that flying kites here are so much fun but there are numerous other places to fly kites in Dorset. The Eggardon Kite Festival on the magnificent Iron Age Hill fort of Eggardon Hill near Askerswell Bridport in September is an annual charity event .

Play Tennis on our tennis court

We have a hard surface tennis court for all to enjoy. You do not have to be Wimbledon standard to play here but just enjoy having a fun relaxing activity time with a few friends or other children.

Play in the children’s play areas

We love to see children enjoying being outside and having fun so we have an outdoor play area with climbing toys swings and slide and we have a covered are where they can try their hand at skittles on our skittle alley or play a table tennis tournament. We also have a games room with a pool table and table football .

Go star gazing and learn all about the solar sytem

We do not have street lights at Gorwell and no light pollution. This means we have the most amazing chance to look at the solar systems follow the planets, moons and stars and see so much more than you would n a place with light pollution. If you have an ipad ipod or iphone we suggest you download the app

See how many new birds flowers and trees you can spot here

We have a nature spotters notebook in the cottages for everyone to list anything they may see. We love hearing about what you have seen on your holiday and any new or interesting flowers trees birds or animals you may have seen whilst you are at Gorwell. If you go outside after dark the owls in the woods may be calling to each other or in the summer the nightjars may be singing. The autumn months are great for fungi and there are so many types which can be seen here from toadstools to all types of field mushrooms but please do not eat them unless you are very sure about identifying what you have found.

Feed lambs in the spring time

Being a sheep and arable farm our busiest time on the farm is in the spring when lambs are being born. You may be lucky enough to see lambs being born in the fields but you will definitely see young lambs skipping around the fields from March onwards. We always have a few lambs who have to be hand reared either because their mothers could not cope with them or because they are weaker than others so have to have that extra care and attention and guests are very welcome to come nad help feed the lambs with our help.


Milly is our horse who loves attention. She has been at Gorwell for many years now and is part of the family. She is a bay mare about 16.2hands high so in everyone else’s terms is about 5ft 4 tall. As she is so tall and big if you would like to stroke her or feed her then please come to Mary or Claire for help and supervision with this. We also have hens who are very friendly and if any children would like to collect eggs then please go with John or Mary when they collect them in the mornings.

Watch the sun set over the Grey Mare and her colts

We are fortunate to have an ancient long barrow called Grey Mare and her Colts on Gorwell.

This ancient monument is a special place to be especially on summer solstice when on a clear summers evening we get a double sunset something experienced in so few places and which is wonderful to witness.

Watch the sun set over the sea on the beach.

This is also a special place to sit and watch the sun set over the water and see the different colours the cliffs appear to be with the red sky.

As we are so close to the beach it is a worthwhile treat for a summers evening.

Some of the best things in life are free!

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