Nesting Boxes on the Farm

We are very keen on providing suitable habitats for all birds either with nesting boxes or natural habitat here at Gorwell. 

February is the time of year when the birds start nesting and preparing somewhere to lay their eggs and start sitting for another brood of chicks and the birdsong from now onwards is fantastic as the birds sing to attract their mates. We have the usual nesting boxes for garden birds and Barn Owl nesting boxes. Traditionally when barns were built to store the grain and straw owl holes were incorporated into the wall to allow the owl into the barn to catch any rodents in there.

About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - St Catherines Chapel
About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - View over fields

When we converted our 17th century stone barn into a wedding and function venue we were concerned that our resident owls would either move away or be disturbed by the events. So we built them nesting Boxes at either end of the barn where the owl holes are. They can still go through the owl holes but now rather than circling the barn looking for food they go into a large purpose built safe nesting box and search for their food elsewhere It’s not unusual to get a glimpse of one of these wonderful silent white birds as it comes out of the barn  at dusk and heads off on its nightly hunt.

We also have installed artificial nests for House Martins which are placed on under the eaves of the houses and are so valuable to our summer visitors from Africa when it’s a dry spring and there is not enough mud for them to stick their nests together.

About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - View over fields

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