Smell the sea and feel the sky

Mar 20, 2020 | News from Gorwell

“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.”

Van Morrison wrote in his song Into the Mystic “Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly”. This made me think of standing at the top of our drive at Gorwell Farm and from there you can see over the fields down to Chesil Beach and across to Portland Bill – it’s a beautiful view and a constant reminder that although there may be all sorts of things going on in the world or in your own life that view will always be there. You can stand and let your thoughts wander to good or bad things, how to put them right or keep them the same, whether to walk the dogs that little bit further today because the sun is shining and the sea has a glistening path out to the horizon or to rush back to the farmhouse and put the kettle on because the wind is biting and the rain is just about turning to sleet.

Regardless of what else is happening, Spring continues its path, changing the hedgerows, fields, trees, just about everything in the countryside. New life is bursting out, a reminder that life goes on. Blossom is adding that little bit of colour, whether it be a light pink or a bright vibrant white. The daffodils dance in the Spring breeze, waving their cheery yellow heads at us and before long the swathes of bluebells will carpet our woods gently perfuming the air.

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What us farmers crave for, more than perhaps any other Spring after the record-breaking wet winter, is some warm sunshine and that gentle breeze to dry out the fields and encourage the grass to grow. Spring planting needs to be done but only if the fields are dry enough to get the tractors on and all the new-born animals and their mothers need the fresh grass to eat to make them grow big and strong. There is nothing that warms the heart more when I take the dogs out than to see lambs happily gambolling together in the fields.

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