After over 50 years of being misplaced the parish Moot stone at Gorwell has finally been put back in its original and rightful position. The stone apparently was moved to allow for an entrance to be made to Gorwell Farm and was laid to the side but we thought this magificent Moot stone should be positioned back on its original site.

Moot stones also known as long stones often were thought to have been used as a meeting place where judicial and administrative affairs were carried out. ‘Moot’ is Saxon for meeting place and this Moot stone not only marks the meeting of the Dorchester Weymouth and Bridport districts in recent times but is situated about a mile from the Kingston Russell stone circle and Grey Mare and her Colts long barrow both important sites as a worshipping site and a burial ground in ancient times. This point also makes the boundaries of 4 local parishes, Long Bredy Little Bredy Abbotsbury and Portesham.

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