Lead Up To Christmas

 Have you got your Christmas jumper ready? It’s nearly that time of the year when Christmas gatherings are happening almost every week. It can sometimes feel like every night. The Gorwell barn looks lovely when decked out with pretty fairy lights, a warm glow coming from the bar and happy, laughing, dancing party guests making merry, perfect for your Dorset Christmas party.

The fields and hedgerows around our farm and all over the countryside are great for collecting greenery and berries to make your own wreaths, swags and table decorations. With a little imagination and a bit of spray paint and glitter you can transform those pine cones, holly, ivy and other foliage into something magical. I knew those early morning walks with the dogs would be of more benefit than just plain old exercise.

You can learn to make anything but sometimes it’s more fun in a group, there are plenty of crafting courses in Dorset where you could make a weekend of it in one of our cottages and see for yourself the beauty of our farm in its own valley (even in Winter) and pick up a new skill.

About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - St Catherines Chapel
About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - View over fields

Next on the list will be help for the costumes for the grandchildren’s nativity play. Angel and shepherds required this year, somehow manufactured out of old party dresses and dressing gowns, it’s amazing what you can conjure up.

After that I think I’m going to make some biscuit Christmas tree decorations, put those grandchildren to use, they can ice and decorate those, another tick on the list.

The Danish call it hygge, that cozy and comfortable feeling and that all is well with the world.

I’m not sure that our British weather lets us feel that all the time. But when the sky is that particular winter blue, clear to the horizon, frost crinkling beneath our feet…

There is nothing better than coming in from a walk along the coastal path to the log burner warming the room with a bright glow and snuggling up.


About Gorwell Farm Holiday Cottages - View to cottages

That would be the Gorwell version of hygge! What better way to spend your Christmas or New Year time away. It is the most wonderful time of the year after all!

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