The weekend saw the 1st March arrive, the first day of spring and everyone breathed a sigh of relief at the thought spring is now with us, the winter is behind us and we can look forward to the hedgerows being full of flowers, the trees bursting onto life and the birds singing in the hope of attracting a mate.

The month rolled in like a lamb, a beautiful calm sunny day which was perfect for the first day of lambing at Gorwell., 650 ewes to lamb in the next 6 weeks will mean a busy time and hopefully lots of lambs skipping around the fields in April. We are hoping the sun will shine for them all. They are quite resilient despite their size and as long as they have plenty of mothers milk they seem to withstand many conditions.

It was a perfect day to take the opportunity of a few hours off before the rush of the next few weeks and have a trip to the farmers market in Dorchester’s Queen Mother Square in Poundbury. It’s was a foodie treat with so much variety on offer. I came home with a delicious meal in mind, Fresh trout pâté fromMere Fish Farm, my favourite,  bread from Oxfords bakery stall, followed by venison burgers from Winterbourne Game based just 2miles from here at Winterbourne Steepleton, locally home grown vegetables and then a sweet treat from the Baking Birds bakery at Upwey. This could all be washed down with locally produced cider from Bridport and a cheese course including Annette’s delicious Woolsery goats cheese from Sydling St Nicholas, chutney from Bridport and apples from Elwell Fruit Farm near Bridport. Delicious.

 There was so much more on offer including 2 local fish stalls, water buffalo, locally produced lamb,honey,locally produced pies,so much to see…a feast before your eyes.


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