Playtime Lambing is now well underway at Gorwell Farm with most of the 600 ewes lambing in the fields.

The breed of sheep that we have here are generally very good mothers and most instinctively know where is the best place to go in the field to have their lambs. They like to find a sheltered spot which is quiet and away from all the other sheep and they prefer to keep themselves away from the others for a time after the lambs have been born. Given the choice of lambing inside or outside most ewes choose to be outside and it is usually a much better option with less health risks and less chance of lambs getting mixed up with the wrong mothers in the first crucial hours of their life. As soon as their lambs are strong enough to meet other sheep the ewe joins up with other new mothers and the lambs then start to play with the other lambs.

One of the lovely signs of spring is big groups of young lambs running around the fields together, getting so far and then rushing back to find their mothers. This soon changes as they start to eat more grass and rely less on their mothers milk as they then spend most their days eating and not playing in the same way with the others.

Visitors to Gorwell Farm holiday cottages will most likely see these lambs as they come onto the farm, as the fields on either side of the farm road are full of lambs playing and exploring in the sun shine.

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